Monday, August 27, 2012

Kentucky Common with Rye

I wanted to brew a beer that is going to be low on calories but hopefully have some more taste than a BMC type beer.  I found Revvy’s Kentucky Common recipe on and modified the gravity down so it would be a 100 calorie beer.  I wanted an everyday beer on tap that I can drink one with dinner and still be keeping my daily calories lower.

I mashed this beer pretty low so it will dry out and hopefully get some of the crisp, bready flavors of the Rye malt up front on the beer.  That is another reason for the one 90 minute hop edition.  This should give me bitterness with very little hop flavor.

I racked a little under 12 gallons into a Sanke keg @ 95*.  It is currently sitting in my basement dropping down into the high 60s.

With the weather hot and my ground water not very cold this time a year I have been only chilling to the high 90s and letting my basement do the rest of the chilling.  So far I have had good results with this.
Malt Bill
Pounds Type
8 2 Row
2.5 Flaked Corn
1.5 Flaked Rye
.38 (6 oz) Carafa II Dehusked
.38 (6 oz) Crystal 120L
9.5% Sugar
IBU Type Time
20 Willamette 60
10 Hallertauer Mittelfrueh 30
Mash Schedule
Temp Time
148F 90 minutes
170F Batch Sparge
175F Batch Sparge
Yeast US-05
12 gal 85% efficiency IBU: 20