Saturday, August 17, 2013

Super Session Belgian Single

My wife has recently requested that I start another batch of Belgian Quad to replace the dwindling supply I have in the house.  Since this takes a 6-12 months depending on how long I age it I started the project in motion with this beer.

Quads take a large quantity of yeast to ferment the 10% worth of alcohol producing sugars.  Instead of making a large starter for the one vial of yeast I want to use I decided to make a 5 gallon batch of beer to make all of my yeast, and I’ll be able to have 5 gallons of beer to drink while I wait.  This beer is pretty basic.

Malt Bill / Ingredients
Pounds Type
2.5 Pilsner
2.5 2 Row
.5 Caramunich II
.25 Special B
IBU Type Time
12 Tettnanger 45
Mash Schedule
Temp Time
158F 60 minutes
Yeast White Labs WLP 530 – Abbey Ale
6 gal 80% efficiency IBU: 12