Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oud Bruin – 15 Gallon Project


Today I brewed 12 gallons of an eventual full keg of Oud Bruin.  My goal is to start the ferment with the this wort in a Sanke keg and then top up with unfermented wort after the initial fermentation dies down.  Next weekend I will brew enough to fill the keg the rest of the way.  By that time the fermentation should have died down enough.  Sanke kegs actually hold 16+ gallons of beer and I plan on filling the keg up to the neck to limit the amount of air space.

I have 2 packets of Wyeast Roeselare Blend that I will pitch directly into the beer.  I do not plan on racking this beer after the fermentation since I will have very little trub in the keg.  I have noticed almost crystal clear beer from no chill brewing as long as I leave an inch or two of sediment in the Corney kegs that I use as my no chill vessels.   I expect to get 10-10.5 gallons of beer since Corney’s hold 5.5 gallons of beer. 

For some reason I over sparged this beer and ended up having to do a 2 hour boil.  Overall the brew day went well except for the thunderstorms we had all day!

Malt Bill / Ingredients
Pounds Type
4 Pilsner
3 2 Row
.75 Caramunich II
.75 Special B
.25 Carafa Special III
IBU Type Time
20 Saaz 60
Mash Schedule
Temp Time
156F 60 minutes
Yeast Wyeast 3763 - Roeselare Ale Blend
6 gal 80% efficiency IBU: 20