Sunday, November 3, 2013

German Water

This beer is an attempt at making a table beer that you might have found on a German table a few hundred years ago.  Beer at that time was used as an all day/every day drink since most water was undrinkable.  Before pasteurization was discovered people did not understand that the boiling of water to make beer is what made the beer safe to drink.  If this beer was made to strong people wouldn’t be able to go about their daily lives …and the cost would be to great for the average family to continually make.

German Water will clock in around 2.7% and have a whole 7 IBUs.  My other purpose for this beer was to see how well unfermented wort will store in a no-chilled keg.  So far I have had great successes with  no-chill beer and have put off fermentation for up to a week.  With this beer I am going to wait and ferment the second batch in about a month.  I don’t want to put it off much longer than that since it doesn’t have a higher IBU count to help with warding off microbes. 

There is a good possibility that this beer might be severely lacking so the second batch may get some dry hopping.  I will post an update on the beer once it is kegged and drinkable.  I also plan on naturally carbing this beer.  I have noticed most beers I have made taste better if they are naturally carbonated as apposed to force carbonation.

Malt Bill / Ingredients
Pounds Type
10 German Pilsner
2 Munich 10l
IBU Type Time
4 Hallertau 45
2.5 Hallertau 20
Mash Schedule
Temp Time
150F 90 minutes
Yeast White Labs WLP 036 -  Duesseldorf Alt
12 gal 75% efficiency IBU: 6-7