Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Belgian Quad …Yet To Be Named

With my Divination supply starting to run low I started another Belgian Quad beer which will hopefully be ready when my supply is done.  This beer is inspired by Jamil’s Duppel recipe but I upped the base malts to Quad level and make my own Candi Sugar.  The Duppel recipe created a great beer so I am hoping that it translates well to a stronger base malt profile.

I started this mash and then went on a few errands and to the local Farmer’s Market so it sat for at least 20 minutes.  With a strong grain bill the extra mash time won’t hurt the beer.  When I made my original Quad I mashed that beer for 3-4 hours. 

So far this beer smells great while it is fermenting.  The only thing I would change is a blow-off tube.  I have had to swap the airlock a few times with all of the krausen that has bubbled up.

Malt Bill / Ingredients
Pounds Type
6.5 Pilsner
6.5 2 Row
1 Munich 10
.5 Caramunich II
.5 Special B
1 Homemade Amber Candi Sugar
1 Table Sugar
IBU Type Time
20 Tettnanger 60
Mash Schedule
Temp Time
148F 120 minutes
Yeast White Labs WLP 530 – Abbey Ale - Cake
6 gal 80% efficiency IBU: 20

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