Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kentucky Common – Take Two


Finally back to brewing.  I am both tired of hearing Polar Vortex and tired of it occurring.  We’ve have finally had a break in the unbelievably cold weather.  In central Illinois the wind chills have been below 10* for a couple of months.  I usually brew a batch or 2 of beer during the winter but with the temperatures so low I just can’t bring myself to go outside to do it.

My coworkers have requested that I make another batch of Kentucky Common for them.  This dark cream ale is an easy drinker, but with the Rye malt added it isn’t your typical cream ale.  I changed a few things with this recipe.  The main thing is I switched out the US-05 yeast for Nottingham.  I don’t think there will be that much of a difference in the final beer, but Nottingham is what I had on hand.  My efficiency was about 5% higher this time due to oversparging by a bit. 

Malt Bill / Ingredients
Pounds Type
7lbs 2 row
1lb 4oz Corn
12oz Flaked Rye
3oz Crystal 120
3oz Carafa III
IBU Type Time
20 East Kent Golding 90
Mash Schedule
Temp Time
148F 90 minutes
Yeast Nottingham
6 gal 85% efficiency IBU: 20

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